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Higher Education in Hungary

16 October, 2003

PART 1 (PDF, 4,6 MB)

Chapter I

1. Hungary in Facts and Figures
2. A Brief History of Hungarian Higher Education
3. Nobel Prizewinner Hungarian Researchers
4. Research Opportunities and Doctoral (Ph.D.) Education in Hungary
5. Credit System in Hungarian Higher Education
6. Admission to Hungarian Higher Education Institutions
7. Qualifications
8. Financing Higher Education

PART 2 (PDF, 4,6 MB)

Chapter II
1. State Universities
2. State Colleges
3. Non-state HE Institutions: Denominational Universities and Colleges
4. Non-state HE Institutions: Private and Foundation Colleges

PART 3 (PDF, 4,6 MB)

Chapter III
1. Background Institutions of Higher Education
2. Foreign Language Programmes and Courses (Table 1)
3. Summer Universities and Hungarian Language Courses
4. Practical Information (e. g. visa requirements)
1. Figures of Hungarian Higher Education
2. Important Addresses
3. Structure of the Ministry of Education


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