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Invitation for grant applications Hungarian language course - Hungarian studies (for persons whose native language is not Hungarian)

9 March, 2004

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Hungary and the Balassi Bálint Institute invite applications for a grant, for a 10-month comprehensive Hungarian language–Hungarian studies course.

Applicants should be:

  • non-Hungarian citizens whose native language is other than Hungarian,
  • below 29 years of age,
  • university students or holders of a higher education degree.

Confirmation of current or former studies by the applicant in the field of Hungarian studies or related subjects, and future plans for the spreading of the Hungarian language and culture are also a prerequisite.


The programme is an accredited, affiliated training programme of the University of Pécs, providing university credit points.

One of its main objectives is to help students measurably improve their Hungarian language skills, that is why –depending on the initial language level – students will attend 12–28 language classes per week in groups of 8-10. At the end of the language course students will sit for an international ECL exam (intermediate or advanced level) which is recognised by the government. Successful candidates will receive a bilingual (English-Hungarian) certificate.

The initial language level will determine the intensity and structure of Hungarian studies. Our general aim with teaching Hungarian subjects is to provide points of orientation, knowledge and structural insight, with the help of which students will be able to follow and understand cultural, political and social occurrences and events of Hungary and make practical use of their knowledge.

The system of teaching the subjects of Hungarian studies will be similar to a university syllabus, with lectures and seminars. Prior to each end-of-term examination students will have 2-3 weeks for preparing for the exams.

The subjects taught in the Hungarian language-Hungarian Studies programme are partly compulsory, partly optional.

Lectures:History of Hungarian literature, Introduction to the History of Art in Hungary, Introduction to the Ethnography of Hungarian people, Fundamentals of Hungarian History, The Geography and Economy of Hungary.

Seminars:The present and past of Hungarian studies, Canonical works of Hungarian literature – reading and reception methods, Methodology of teaching Hungarian as a foreign language, Hungarian society today: political, sociological and ethnic issues, Introduction to the history of music in Hungary, Introduction to the Ethnography of Hungarian people, Fundamentals of law, Contemporary literature and literary criticism, Descriptive linguistics, Cultural life in Hungary today, Political progress in Hungary after the transition, History of Hungary in the 20th century, Literary translation practice, History of art, Interpretation of historical texts – alternatives and methodology; History of Ideas; History of Theatre.


Programme – Alternative "A" (initial language level: beginner)

  • Semester 1: 28 language classes/week
  • Semester 2: 14 language classes/week
    18 Hungarian studies classes/week (including optional classes).

Programme – Alternative "B" (initial language level: elementary)

  • Semester 1 and 2: 14 language classes/week
    18 Hungarian studies classes/week

Programme– Alternative "C" (initial language level: intermediate)

  • Semester 1 and 2: 12 language classes/week
    18 Hungarian studies classes/week


Applicants must fill in the questionnaire and the application form (Beginners may fill in the above documents in English). Please attach the copy of diploma or the certificate of university student status, and send the application package to the following address:

Balassi Bálint Institute
Tamás Emília
1016 Budapest, Somlói út 51. 2nd floor, no. 220.


Scholarship students will receive the following benefits for the duration of studies:

  • 16.000 Ft/month stipend
  • free textbooks, course books
  • student card
  • health insurance
  • free accommodation at the student hostel of the Institute.

Students must cover the following costs:

  • examination fee: 19 000 HUF (approx. 80 EUR); deadline for payment: 4. March 2005
  • cost of board and travel
  • administrative cost of the student card: kb.1 500 HUF (approx. 6 EUR) to be paid on enrolment.

Balassi Bálint Institute will inform all applicants on the results until 7 May, 2004 at the latest.

If an application is not accepted, the applicant will have the opportunity to participate in the programme in a fee-paying form.


  • Teaching, textbooks: 990,000 HUF (approx. 3,800 EUR)
  • Accommodation (student hostel): 220,000 HUF (approx. 900 EUR)

Fee-paying students will also be given a registered student status for the duration of their studies, so they will be entitled for a student card just like scholarship students.

The scholarship can only be granted on one occasion.

We do not accept applications in e-mail or by fax.

For further information contact the studies office of the Balassi Bálint Institute or visitwww.bbi.hu.

telephone: (+36-1) 381 51 42; 381 51 46
tel./fax: (+36-1) 381 51 49
e-mail: scholarship@bbi.hu
Internet: www.bbi.hu

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1055 Budapest, Szalay utca 10-14.

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