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Information Bulletin on the Recognition of Teacher Qualifications belonging under the Jurisdiction of the Community Law

5 October, 2007
I. General Introduction
Section III of Act C of 2001 on the recognition of foreign certificates and degrees (Recognition Act) regulates the recognition of teacher qualifications belonging under the jurisdiction of the Community Law.
The provisions of this section should be used in such cases when the citizen of one of the countries listed below in part II.1. of this information bulletin wishes to work in Hungary as a teacher, and the foreign qualification obtained enables him/her to practice his/her teaching profession in one of these states.
According to the Act on Recognition, the Hungarian Equivalence and Information Centre (HEIC) in the Educational Authority has the authority to conduct proceedings for the recognition of teacher qualifications belonging under the jurisdiction of the Community Law.
If the citizen of a state mentioned below does not wish to work as a teacher or wishes to work not only as a teacher in Hungary then it is recommended that he/she requests the recognition of the level of the qualification or the recognition of the professional qualification from HEIC according to Section II of the Recognition Act. [This recognition procedure is recommended for those who do not wish to be employed as teachers but for the position in question they must possess a higher education degree; for those whose degree testifies not only teacher qualification (e.g. biologist and biology teacher); or for those who do not wish to use their teacher qualifications to teach but to e.g. translate, interpret, etc.] Information concerning the recognition procedure under Section II of the Recognition Act may be found in our "Information Bulletin on the Recognition of Higher Education Degrees".
The application for recognition may be handed in other than Hungarian language, however, according to the Act on Public Administration the language of administration in Hungary is Hungarian, therefore, all official documents, statements and resolutions will be issued in Hungarian.
Basic Questions Concerning Recognition under Section III of the Recognition Act
1. Who may request recognition according to Section III?
The citizen of a European Union member state [1] or another state [2] that falls under the same jurisdiction as EU member states in respect of the mutual recognition of certificates and degrees (home country), who obtained his/her qualification in one of the states listed below (country of origin), and is entitled to practice his/her teaching profession in the state where this qualification was obtained, furthermore, who has three year experience in practice of the profession in a member state which recognised the qualification obtained in a non-member state.
2. What documents are required for the recognition of professional qualification?
  • the attested copy of the original degree and five further copies of it photocopied,
  • the attested copy of the original registration book (certificate, extract or transcript issued by the higher education institution with regard to the length of the training, course requirements - courses and exams taken) and five further copies of it photocopied,
  • the authentic translation of the above documents, except of documents in English, Czech, French, German, Russian, Romanian and Slovak, in the case of which typed, not authentic translations are also accepted (e.g. done by the applicant),  and five further copies photocopied,
  • the professional curriculum vitae, six copies of it,
  • certificate of the Member State testifying what the holder of the degree is entitled to do in the country of origin,
  • the attested copy of the resolution for the recognition of the degree and the verification of the professional experience if the applicant did not obtain his/her degree in a member state but it was recognised by a member state and has three year experience in practice of the teaching profession in that member state,
  • the copy of the money postal order certifying the posting of fee (hereinafter: cheque),
  • identity card or an official paper certifying personal particulars clearly stating the nationality of the applicant (e.g. ID, driving licence, passport, etc.) If the request is sent in by mail then the copy of this official paper or identity card must also be attached.
  • the authorisation, if an authorised person represents the applicant. In this case the applicant must also attach the copy of his official paper or identity card.
In Hungary authentic translation may be obtained from the Hungarian National Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI) (Address: 1062 Budapest, Bajza u. 52. Website: www.offi.hu) that also has branches around the country. The foreign representative body of the Hungarian Republic or a Hungarian attested notary are also entitled to make attested translations. Only translation of the original degree will be accepted. A translation that is considered authentic under the law in the EU member state where the applicant comes from or in the country of origin will also be accepted as authentic translation.
A Hungarian attesting notary, the OFFI, the acting authority and the foreign representative body of the Hungarian Republic are entitled to make attested copies.
Within 30 days HEIC might require the applicant to hand in supplementary documents in order to make the application complete. If the applicant does not provide the requested supplements HEIC will terminate the procedure.
3. How long does the procedure take?
HEIC passes decision within 90 days in case of recognising professional qualification if the applicant has provided all necessary documents and there is no need for additional certifying documents.
When calculating the deadline of the actual procedure the time period elapsing between the request for additional documents and the date when these are received does not count towards it.
The head of HEIC may extend the deadlines for the procedures once by 30 days.
If HEIC passes decision on the completion of supplementary conditions, it determines the deadline for completion in its resolution. After having handed in all the certifications on the completion of all the requested requirements, HEIC passes decision and recognises the professional qualification within 30 days.
4. How much does the procedure cost?
The present fee of recognition of professional qualification is 49 125 HUF that should be paid by money transfer order cheque. The fee can also be paid money transfer to the account No. 10032000-00282637-00000000 but in this case "MEIK" needs to be written on it.
5. What type of decision can HEIC make?
Recognition under Section III of the Recognition Act does not enable automatic recognition of teacher qualification obtained in another member state. An individual request has to be made for the recognition procedure clearly indicating the study area in which the applicant wishes to practice his/her teaching profession (e.g. secondary school teacher of French language and literature).
Based on the submitted documents, with the help of the professional committee - taking into consideration training and professional experience obtained following the degree - HEIC compares the study requirements that are necessary to obtain the degree in question in the country of origin with the Hungarian requirements and may make one of the following decisions:
  1. HEIC recognises the professional qualification. In this case the owner of the foreign degree has the right to pursue all professional activities that may be pursued possessing a degree obtained at a Hungarian higher education institution testifying the same teaching qualification as the foreign degree, furthermore, the person may also use, beside the foreign title, the Hungarian professional title as well.
    However, the recognition of the professional qualification does not mean that the contents of the foreign and Hungarian training leading to it are the same. Furthermore, it does not mean the recognition of the level of the qualification either.
  2. In case substantial differences exist in the length of training or the content of the training, HEIC may request the completion of one of the following compensatory mechanisms.
    • The completion of an adaptation period no longer than 3 years, determined by HEIC. The pursuit of the teaching profession in Hungary under the supervision of a qualified member of that profession. HEIC may request the participation in further education or training besides practicing the profession.
    • The completion of an aptitude test. The aptitude test is a theoretical or practical test organised by HEIC in order to assess the ability of the applicant to pursue the teaching profession in Hungary.
      The authority arranging the aptitude test may state a fee to be paid by the applicant. The fee cannot exceed the actual cost of arranging the aptitude test.
      The applicant has the right to choose between the adaptation period and the aptitude test.
  3. If conditions for recognition are missing HEIC may refuse the recognition.
6. Legal remedy
The applicant may loge an appeal free of charge against HEIC's decision within 15 days of receival by an appeal posted to HEIC but addressed to the Minister of Education and Culture.
There is no legal redress against the resolution of the Minister of Education and Culture through administration, but the re-examination of the resolution may be requested from the Court of the Capital by entering an action within 30 days of announcing the resolution.
7. Modes of handing in the application
The application may be handed in personally at the Consulting Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture (address: H-1055 Budapest Szalay u. 10-14). If the application is sent in by mail it should be posted as registered letter addressed to HEIC (address: Educational Authority, Hungarian Equivalence and Information Centre, H-1054 Budapest Báthory u. 10.)
The information bulletin, the application form and the cheque may be obtained at the Consulting Office.
Office hours for the Consulting Office:
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

[1] Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
[2] Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

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