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The HEIC representing the ENIC/NARIC Office in Hungary

5 October, 2007
The international network ENIC (European Network of Information Centres) was established on the initiative of the European Council and UNESCO while the NARIC (National Academic Recognition and Information Centres) network was set up at the suggestion of the European Commission in order to promote teacher and student mobility and to facilitate the recognition of certificates and degrees obtained abroad. Hungary has been a member of ENIC since 1994 and the NARIC since 1997, and it is since then that HEIC fulfils the task of the ENIC/ NARIC office in Hungary. The network has offices in almost every European country as well as in the US, in Canada and in Australia which are in close contact and able to provide up-to-date information about the education system of a given country and about the recognition of the degrees obtained there.
Detailed information can be found about the activities and offices of the ENIC and NARIC networks on their website: www.enic-naric.net.

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