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Invitation for Partnership

2003. december 19.

To promote better understanding between Hungarians and Americans of all ages the Embassy of the United States of America in Budapest in collaboration with the Hungarian Ministry of Education calls for proposals from institutions (libraries, cultural institutions etc.) that wish to cooperate in establishing an “American Corner” within their institution. The “American Corner” would be fully managed and operated by the host institution with programmatic support from the U.S. Embassy. For an idea of how American Corners operate elsewhere, you can read more at www.amcorners.ru.

We invite institutions to apply who can assure the maintenance of this American Corner as a long-term community initiative by demonstrating support from the local authorities.

The application must contain:

  1. the name address, phone, fax and email of the institution
  2. digital photos of the possible place where the Corner could be located, which would be a location available to all citizens (no membership or fees) at all times the institution is open, and would be adequate to house not only books, computers, and other equipment, - but also serve as a space for hosting discussions, English classes, meetings, showing videos etc.
  3. the potential audience (age ranges, interests etc.)
  4. the potential number of monthly visitors
  5. what other events you would plan to organize at the Corner
  6. the management of the Corner: 1 full-time English speaking person and one assistant, each of whose wages will be paid by the local institution
  7. assurance that the institution will pay for the physical maintenance of the Corner.

A letter of commitment and support letter from the leader of the institution and from the local authorities must be annexed to the proposal.

The Embassy of the United States of America in Budapest will provide:

  • the start-up package containing a PC, VCR, scanner, copier, digital camera, reference and other books, periodicals and newspapers
  • magazine and newspaper subscription renewed for a period of 3 years
  • initial and follow up training of the staff
  • programmatic support or matching funds for many corner activities
  • speakers on American topics
  • electronic link to the U.S. Embassy website

The proposals must be sent electronically by January 19th 2004 to both Elder, Christine, U.S. Embassy:CElder@pd.state.govand Schuchmann Yvonne, Hungarian Ministry of Education:yvonne.schuchmann@nefmi.gov.huin both the English and Hungarian languages.

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